What is a Jew?


卐 Nationalsozialistische Umerziehung 卐 (National-Socialist Reeducation)

 Jews: A Race? A Historically-Inbred Ethnic Group? A Religion? Or All Three?

Are Jews a race? Yes…and no. Yes, they are people related by DNA or genes. But most anthropologists do not classify Jews as a race, or a subrace, since a) Ashkenazim Jews, i.e. most, Jews are a racial hybrid, and b) calling Jews anything other than a religion has been taboo since WWII. Further, that question “are Jews a race?” depends on the/your scientific definition of the word “race” [subspecies]. The term “ethnic group” is probably more accurate in describing the Jew, although “race” can also be used.

[A word needs to be said about the field of Anthropology and Jews. An anthropologist informed us that when he studied anthropology in the 1950s, Jews were not referred to as anything other than a religion, and he said that that feature is still true today. We call this non-mention…

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